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Russell Foster Wins Sulky-Cycle Challenge

FORT WASHINGTON, MD – Driver Russell Foster was the overall winner of Thursday’s Sulky-Cycle Challenge at Rosecroft, a fun event featuring drivers competing against Maryland jockeys for the benefit of the Boys & Girls Club of Greater Washington and the Capital Guardian Youth Challenge.

Foster was the winner of the Cycle Challenge while jockey Forest Boyce, accompanied in the two-seated cart by Jonathan Roberts, and jockey Lauralea Glaser, accompanied by Frank Milby, were the winners of the two exhibition races.

“It was pretty wild because (one driver), his horses’s nose was touching the back of my head at one point,” Boyce said. “I could feel the horse breathing on me. It was pretty wild. I mean, it’s different. It’s fun; I’d love to do it again.”

Along with the Sulky-Cycle Challenge, Rosecroft played hosted to the Maryland Horse Council’s Evening at the Races featuring a VIP tour, dinner and guest speakers including Maryland Jockey Club President and General Manager Sal Sinatra and leading driver Corey Callahan.

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