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Jonathan Roberts

Birthdate: May 15, 1981

Birthplace: Clinton, Maryland

Personal: Jonathan Roberts is a 3rd generation standardbred horsemen.  His grandfather Sam Roberts was a tobacco farmer and got his start in the business just as a hobby. As a young boy Jonathan’s father William “Bib” Roberts fell in love with his dad’s race horses.  After a stint in the US National Guard, Bib went on to make a profession out of training and driving standardbred horses. When Jonathan got to be about 16 or so, he started getting an interest in harness racing, even then he only really wanted to drive. In 1999, Jonathan had his first pari-mutuel start as a driver.   He got his first pari-mutuel win in February of 2000 driving one of his dad’s horses.  From there it has only been onwards and upwards.  When not racing Jonathan spends his time with his son Colton together they love to hunt, shoot, and fish.

Career Highlights: Multiple Driving Titles at Rosecroft Raceway, Casino @ Ocean Downs, and Rockingham Park.  Multiple Sire Stake wins in both Maryland, New Hampshire, and Delaware.  He won the Zweig Memorial, Artistic Vision Finals along with eliminations of The Dexter Cup and The Good Times.  He has over 3,000 wins.

Frank Milby

Birthdate: July 3, 1978

Birthplace: Easton, Maryland

Personal: As a 3rd generation standardbred horsemen, there was little question about what Frank was going to do when he grew up.  Frank was named after his grandfather standardbred horsemen Franklin Milby.  His grandfather trained world champion Miss Conna Adios who was the only mare to ever beat Albatross.  He was known for developing horses into big money-makers and was a successful breeder.  Frank’s father Don and Uncle Dale worked with their father and took over the operation after Frank’s grandfather passed away.  Frank spent weekends working side by side with his father helping out at the barn.  Frank briefly attended Mount Saint Marys University after graduating from Saint Peter & Saint Pauls High School in Easton, MD before Frank started driving full time.  Frank started driving in December 1998.  Over the past 15 years Frank has won multiple driving records at several tracks.   During the 2015 Spring Meet at Rosecroft, Frank was able to surpass 2000 career driving victories.  Frank now has taken over trainer responsibilities from his father as well as being a full time catch driver.

Career Highlights: Multiple Driving Titles at Rosecroft Raceway and Ocean Downs.  Frank received a Secretary’s Citation from Maryland Department of Agriculture in 2013.

Henrik Lundell

Birthdate: April 19, 1974

Birthplace: Sweden

Personal: At the age of 17, Henrik with 3 of his friends went in on a horse together.  After that it was all horses for Henrik.  Henrik has worked with harness racing in Sweden, France and Italy before moving to the United States in 2004.  He has worked for Joie de Vie Farm since June 2005, and was promoted to head trainer the Fall of 2011.  Henrik loves hockey and is an avid fan of the New Jersey Devils.  He loves to cook, his favorite meal is Beef Wellington.  His favorite shows include Seinfeld and Friends.

Career Highlights: Winning 4 in a row at The Meadowlands with Zeitgeist

Kenny Scholtzhauer

Birthdate: June 11, 1947

Birthplace: Easton, Maryland

Personal: Kenny grew up on the eastern shore of Maryland, he has always been around horses but growing up it was the trail riding variety.  When Kenny was in his teens, he started going to the track with Franklin Milby and it wasn’t long before he tried his own hand at training at the age of 17.  On the Eastern Shore, racing was growing in popularity and Kenny started jogging for various friends who had standardbreds in the area.  Kenny remembers jogging horses on a dirt road until they paved it, he then went to jogging around his field before he put in a little track on his farm.  Kenny found his niche working with classy problem horses, helping them rediscover their successful ways.  He has raced at all the historic tracks that are now gone Liberty Bell, Roosevelt Raceway, Brandywine, Free State along with many that are still around such as Yonkers and The Meadowlands.  Later in his career he started working with younger horses and had a bit of success working with them as well.  Now Kenny primarily sticks to racing his stock on the Maryland Circuit of Rosecroft and Ocean Downs.

Career Highlights: Multiple Trainer of the Meet honors at various racetracks on the East Coast.  In 2015 Kenny received a Secretary’s Citation from the Maryland Department of Agriculture.  

Megan Roberts

Birthdate: May 17, 1983

Birthplace: Clinton, Maryland

Personal: Megan was born into harness racing.  Her grandfather a tobacco farmer Sam Roberts started racing horses as a hobby, her father William “Bib” Roberts took it to the next level and made a career out of breeding, driving, and training standardbreds.  Megan worked with her father every chance she got since she was able to walk.  After graduating high school Megan went to school and became a MRI Technologist.  Megan took over her father’s stable in 2015, her first start as a trainer she ended up finishing 2nd, the same night she got her first training win with Caviart Tyler.  Megan now is balancing being a MRI Tech at Southern Maryland Hospital and being a full time trainer at her family’s farm in Brandywine Maryland.  Megan felt it was only natural for her to take over the training of her father’s stable while her brother Jonathan does most of the driving.  Megan has a young son who is also passionate about horses, who insists he needs a race bike for his pony.  On the weekends when she has the time Megan can be found trail riding.

Career Highlights: First training win at Rosecroft Raceway on November 17, 2016 with Caviart Tyler only her second start as a trainer. 

Russell Foster

Birthdate: June 15, 1989

Birthplace: Easton, Maryland

Personal: Russell was born into the business, his grandfather Arty Foster started in the business in 1980.  Russell would go to the barn with his father Arty Foster Jr. on weekends or whenever he had free time and loved their time spent together at the races.  Russell started jogging Standardbreds when he was just 9 or 10 and at age 14 he was finally old enough to go to the tracks and paddock them.  At age 19, Russell got this qualifying license and started driving a little and mostly for his family.  In 2015, his career as a driver really took off and has continued into 2016.  For Russell, harness racing is a family affair.  His wife could often be found in the paddock with him paddocking until recently when they had their first child Blake.  Just like most born on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, Russell enjoys hunting, fishing and of course crabbing in his spare time.

Career Highlights: Multiple honors for Hi Sir who was owned, trained, and driven by Russell Foster.  Being Co-Leading Driver for the 2016 Rosecroft Spring Meet.

Timmy Offutt

Birthdate: May 9, 1982

Birthplace: Frederick, Maryland

Personal: Timmy Offutt started driving at the age of 17, like most young drivers in this business it was mostly horses that his father trained.  Since then Timmy has been picking up more and more catch drives with earnings nearing $2 million and closing in on 600 career wins.  As a 3rd generation standardbred horsemen, Timmy started working with his family’s horses at a very young age.  He can remember jogging horses at the young age of 5 or 6.  The Offutt’s spent many a summer traveling across the state of Pennsylvania competing on the fair circuit.  Now that Timmy is married and has two children, he enjoys staying closer to home competing at Rosecroft and Ocean Downs.  

Career Highlights: Leading Driver at the Clearville County Fair in Pennsylvania.

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