Live Racing on Sunday & Thursday

Added/revised races for Tuesday 5-8

Added race for Tuesday 5-8

16 TROT – N/W 1-N/W 2 (F&M 3) handicap


Correction to Events 9 & 13:

Should read: ,,.AE:  n/w $25,000 lifetime (w/o $4401 last 4 starts n/e –unless n/w $25,000 life)


Event 7

Drop (AE: $7,000 clai,mers w/a)





Any horse that has raced for a purse of $10,000 or more in one of its last two starts

may not be eligible to race at Rosecroft unless:

1)Horse has made three of last five pm starts at Rosecroft or

2)Horse has made eight starts at Rosecroft in 2011-12 or

3) Horse is entered in a claiming race @ Rcr or

4)Horse enters a N/W 3 pmr or less life or

5)Horse has been in added money races (Stakes or late closers).