Important changes to racing conditions at Rcr

Important Information for Horsemen/women

Racing at Rosecroft

1.       Effective Tuesday April 17TH

The entry box will close at 1 pm on Tuesday and Thursday.


2.       Qualifying Standards

Effective May 1, they will change to:

Pace 2:04 & Trot 2:06

ONE Second allowance for ½ mile PM tracks and Maidens

TWO Seconds allowance for ½ fair tracks and 2 Year Olds

For the Fall 2012 meet they will be Pace 2:03 & Trot 2:05

2 year olds will get a one second allowance

A one second allowance for ½ mile pm tracks and Maidens

A two second allowance will be given for ½ mile fair tracks

You must show a good line in the last 45 days

3.       Effective immediately:

All races not MD-CSOA Preferred will be:  MD owned or horses having raced at Rosecroft in 2012 preferred.

Any  MD-CSOA Preferred race will have the above preference as the second preference on the race.


4.       Effective Monday April 9 – applications to race at Rosecroft will be evaluated on Monday.  


5.       All trainers currently racing at Rosecroft must bring a copy of their stable roster and Workman’s Compensation Policy to the commission office – people who fail to do so may not be allowed to race at Rosecroft. See commission personnel for more details.


6.       All drivers must complete a driver’s information form and return it to the race office by April 21. This ensures that we can contact you when necessary.

7.      Effective April 21st, conditioned races (n/w of so much money last x starts) will have eligibility be determined by earnings last 4 starts, instead of last 5 starts.


8.       Information for the fall race meet will be on our website tentatively by August 10ST, 2012 – in order to be considered for racing privileges at the beginning of the Rosecroft meet in the fall you must have all paperwork returned to the race office by Sept 1ST. We will then evaluate supplemental applications on Sept. 17TH and weekly thereafter. Qualifiers will begin approximately Sept. 22ND and you will need a good line in the previous 45 days to race.


                                Any questions, please ask and THANK YOU FOR PARTICIPATING AT ROSECROFT.