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Important note on 11/26 draw



                First on behalf of the race office, thank you for getting your entries in early today! It allowed us to meet tight production deadlines so that the program will be able to be available Saturday evening and allow us to spend time with our families. We couldn’t have done it without your help.

                Second, due to the number of entries, the following race has been held over to Friday, December 2.

                NW 400 last 4 starts or $100 per start in 2011.

                AE: N/W A PMR IN 2011 THAT ARE N/W $50 PER START LAST 3 STARTS

                AE: N/W A PMR LAST 10 STARTS ALLOWED $80 LAST 4

                There were 9 horses held over for this race and they don’t need to enter back for Friday.

                By holding this race over these horses will have an opportunity to race on Friday December 2nd and then again on Tuesday December 6th.

                Have a great Thanksgiving Day and see you all on Friday or Saturday.

                Mike (& Megan)